A Cleaner, Innovative Process

Process Breakthrough

A new process flowsheet developed in collaboration with CSIRO for the unique Butcherbird ores means that they can be leached into solution at ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure with high level of selectivity and very rapid leach kinetics with approximately 95% of the manganese extracted in around 30 minutes to produce a high purity manganese solution.


This liquor is then further purified and either put through a crystalliser to produce high purity manganese sulphate for use in lithium ion battery cathodes or put through an electrolysis plant to produce electrolytic manganese metal both of which represent high purity high value manganese products.


Simpler, cleaner proprietary processing method.

Process flowsheet

A cleaner, lower carbon flowsheet coupled with high penetration renewable energy place Butcherbird at the forefront of sustainable metal production.

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