Code of Conduct

Each Company employee should apply the principles of the Code to relationships with each other, with our employer and with all those with whom we deal in our work for the Company. Our Code is a guide for the way we operate.

When representing the Company, we will abide by the following minimum standards.

  1. We treat each other with respect and dignity
  • We maintain a safe and fair work environment.
  • Everyone is entitled to be treated with respect as a person, regardless of role or individual differences.
  • We value our people and their personal commitment to delivering value to shareholders.
  • We encourage co-operation, learning and growth in all who work with us.
  • We strive to understand and respond to the needs of the Company’s stakeholders.
  1. We respect the law and act accordingly
  • We respect the laws, customs and business practices of the communities in which we operate, but do not compromise the principles embodied in this Code.
  • We notify the Managing Director or another Board member immediately of any breach of the law.
  • In interpreting the law, we adopt a course which preserves integrity.
  1. We are fair and honest in our dealings
  • We are fair and honest even when we believe others will not know of our actions.
  • Honesty, for us, means not using coercive or misleading practices or falsifying or wrongfully withholding information.
  • We do not place ourselves in situations in which our private interests could conflict directly or indirectly with our obligations to the Company.
  • We do not accept benefits such as gifts or entertainment when the situation could be seen as creating an obligation.
  • We do not act in ways which may cause others to question our loyalty to the Company.
  1. We use the Company’s property responsibly and in the best interest of the Company and its reputation
  • We do not use Company funds to provide unreasonable benefits such as gifts or entertainment for ourselves or others.
  • We use the Company’s property for the Company’s business purposes.
  1. We are responsible for our actions and accountable for their consequence
  • We take responsibility for all issues over which we have control and the manner in which these are achieved.
  1. We are responsible to the community and to the individual
  • We use our best endeavours to ensure a safe work place and maintain proper occupational health and safety practices.
  • We recognise and respect our responsibilities to the communities in which we operate.
  • We recognise the rights of individuals and to the best of our abilities will comply with the applicable legal rules regarding privacy, privilege, and private and confidential information. We do not tolerate harassment, discrimination or bullying in the workplace.
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