Environmental Policy

The Company will conduct its operations in a responsible manner that is aligned with the evolving priorities of our stakeholders. Our actions will reflect the broad spectrum of values that we share with our stakeholders and will promote our ongoing efforts to protect our employees, stakeholders, customers and the natural environment.

The Company’s commitment to best practice environmental stewardship will be achieved by the following actions:

  • integrate environmental management into management practices throughout the Company;
  • incorporate environmental controls for the prevention of pollution and use best management practices in all Company work;
  • regularly assess environmental conditions through all work activities, thereby identifying all issues of environmental concern and establishing objectives and strategies for their management;
  • establish credible monitoring and verification programs to measure environmental effects and ensure compliance with legal requirements and with our environmental policy, and communicate the results in an effective manner; and
  • provide for the effective involvement of communities in decisions that affect them by: respecting their cultures, customs and values; and considering their needs, concerns and aspirations in making our decisions.


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