The Butcherbird Manganese Deposit is Australia’s largest onshore manganese resource1 comprising large tonnages of near surface manganese oxide ore in seven deposits.

The Project also has some excellent infrastructure advantages with a gas pipeline and main bitumen highway passing directly adjacent to and through the mineralised envelope.

The mineralisation occurs as supergene enrichment of a regional scale basal manganese shale which underlies much of the Project area. The shale beds are gently folded and where the folds approach the surface topography, supergene processes have significantly upgraded the manganese content to form a potential feedstock for further upstream processing.

Project Highlights

  • Australia’s largest onshore manganese deposit.
  • >260 Mt of manganese ore.*
  • Excellent local infrastructure.
  • 100% owned by Element 25 Limited.
  • Low risk mining jurisdiction.
  • Mining Lease Application lodged February 2018.
  • Pre-Feasibility Study completed.


Simple Geology

Butcherbird geology cross section

The geology and hence mining at Butcherbird are exceedingly simple. The ore zone at Yanneri Ridge is at surface, dips shallowly to the north resulting in a very low strip ratio estimated at 0.2:1.

The uniform grade distribution means that the entire ore zone is mined for processing, with no need for grade control or selectivity.

Resource Estimate

The current 2019 JORC Measured, Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate completed by IHC Robbins following a major infill drilling programme in 2018 and stands at 263Mt at 10% Mn.

Category Tonnes (Mt) Mn (%) Si (%) Fe (%) AI (%)
Measured 16 11.6 20.6 11.7 5.7
Indicated 41 10.0 20.9 11.0 5.8
Inferred 206 9.8 20.8 11.4 5.9
Total 263 10.0 20.8 11.4 5.9

Reference: Company ASX Release dated 17 April 2019.